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With each final I submit, I come closer to finishing up my junior year for good. By this time Friday, I will be only have one year left in college. And it feels like I’ve done nothing at all.

Pushing those feelings aside, I need to get through the last…

To move forward, I think I should be comfortable looking back at some less comfortable moments in my life. Winter 2021 was very fruitful in confronting the things about myself that I need to work on and the boundaries that I need to have in order to feel safe and…

I always lose motivation and strength right before the finish line. I want to understand why this happens, and hopefully therapy will help me figure that out. …

I know I have what it takes. It’s just hard sometimes. But that’s totally okay. I just have to confront my responsibilities tonight, so that I can have a peaceful day tomorrow.

  1. I will stay up until this essay is finished.
  2. I will not waste my time, because I would…

Today will be a strenuous day, but I truly, deeply believe in my abilities to get the work done that I need to do. Here are my manifestations, so that I may call on them when I am feeling overwhelmed or burned out:

  1. I will email my advisor and get…

Another day, another way. If I want to change and prosper, I must be willing to be act proactively and to stick with my journey.

  1. Today, I will finish my EPC essays by 2PM.
  2. I will finish my research paper by the end of the day.
  3. I will call CAPS…

I may have started a little late today, but the day is still full of possibility.

  1. I want to finish at least 3/5 of my essays for EPC
  2. I want to not lose sight of what is important.
  3. I want to be proud of myself.
  4. I want to find joy in writing my papers.
  5. I want to continue to be curious.
  6. I want to believe in my abilities.
  7. I want to be grateful for the position I am in.
  8. I want to keep going despite losing focus or energy.
  9. I want to stop focusing on things that do not change who I am and what I do.

May these things come true to the best of my abilities today.

“I am going to make a very beautiful life for myself no matter what it takes”.

As of today, I have many responsibilities to fulfill over the coming days. I will allow myself to approach them step by step, without losing focus of what is truly important.

  1. I want to set goals that are reasonable and appropriate.
  2. I want to finish my discussion posts by 2PM.
  3. I want to finish my participation journal today.
  4. I want to finish my flipgrid.
  5. I want to approach every task with happiness and gratitude, for I am truly blessed to be in the position that I am.
  6. I want to be self-aware, instead of self-critical.
  7. I want to believe in my own intelligence.
  8. I want to end the day proud of myself.

May this day prove to be fruitful and, above all, peaceful.


My manifestations as of 3 March 2021*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  1. For my mother: I want her to be healthy, and, above all, satisfied. I want us to be close and to do yoga together. I appreciate her constant love and support, and I want to provide the same for her. I want her…


life lessons from a 20 year old ❤ i may stumble, but i am doing my best

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